Fusion 360 App Reviews

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Best design tool by a long mile!

So versatile and powerful!

Upgrade Job Skills

I needed an affordable Cad/Cam program to increase my job skills. My employer kept dragging their feet, so I stopped asking. Don’t wait around! Do what you need to do to make yourself more valuable; someone will notice!

Very Useful!

I’ve been using fusion 360 for a few years now and it helps me model my projects beforehand. Easier to use than solidworks or other CAD softwares. Overall, It’s awesome!


Your 3D CAD presentation opened doors of opportunity not available to me before. Gerald Griffies, Newnan,Ga. USA

Was good until they stopped updating it

I loved being able to pull out my phone and show my models to people. This was great for getting people excited about what we are doing. Unfortunately I can’t open any of my new models. All my old models open fine, but anything I’ve saved in a recent version of Fusion 360 reports that it has not assets.

Great for Novice

Ive only been using Fusion360 for about a year, first cad program ever used, i was up and drawing 3d printable parts in a matter of hours, and in a few days felt like id be using for years! Great program. Recommend for everyone!

Great app

I like to use this app a lot. ;)

Great so far

I'm just getting started with Fusion 360. The iPad app seems to be great for reference and visualization of my models.

Best tool for hobbyists

I've been using the program for a few months now and it has met or exceeded all expectations. This app is a brilliant way to let me show my models to anyone I'm working with during a project.

Excellent tool!

Being new to Education this year, Fusion 360 is a Lifesaver! Friendly, easy to use, and the items that can be created then printed on one of our 4 3d printers is amazing! I will be getting into the CNC aspect of it this year as well. Looking forward to it. Thank You!

Great app, could use a few little touch ups

Overall this is an amazing app for hobbiest use. I can imagine anyone actually creating designs in it but for showing people you're design when you don't have you computer it is perfect. I've had a few issues with it crashing due to big files but that's to be expected running on a phone. Great work as always autodesk 👍

Awesome but can expand

I like how my account keeps my designs available to me on my phone even though they are on my computer at home. I would like the options to get these produced from my phone, just like I would from my laptop (sometimes hat does not always work, and I wish there was an explicit confidentiality agreement between me and the maker who helps me make my design). So I would like to be able to ask for parts to be made from my phone. Also, I would like to be able to do sketching from my phone. I understand that this is a narrow-purpose app, but basic sketching for concept work should be fairly easy to do, and it would really help me.

Sign in Log in really ?

After 37 attempts with the password 8 to 12 characters long with three special characters and a number I have yet to be able to create a login with this app. Very disappointing I still can’t see my files.

Limited capabilities

No way to view tangent edges or hidden lines? No isometric views? Doesn’t display a canvas that was added to a model? For example, an image of an iPhone home screen applied to the face of a modeled iPhone. The thumbnail shows it but not when viewing the model. App often hangs when switching between files. A handy viewer but not enough features.

Pointless app

Cannot create anything in this app. I feel like this company has paid people to write positive reviews.

Completely useless and a disappointment

There is literally nothing you can do worth value in this app that you can’t do in a browser. Rather it gains I’m sure some access to your device and then try’s to turn all your clients proprietary designs into what appears to be a social media setting. I got the app because I thought I could do actual work on the go but then realized this isn’t fusion 360 at all and is a false advertisement. If you even can modify a drawing it is not intuitive and the UI is a cheap attempt to mimic a social media platform which has NO useable place in cad/cam which is what fusion360 is supposed to be about. App deleted and if any of my clients designs were posted publicly expect a lawsuit.

Excellent work in progress

I think if i was paying for Fusion 360 I would have rated it a 3 star program against other programs like Solidworks or catia, but being free to Hobbyists it is the absolute best package available for this market. It's the first to include CAM, simulation, and sheet metal features all built in at no extra charge, which is amazing! The other reason Im giving it 5 stars is they are actively developing it, and they are willing to listen to user feedback to improve the program. There are certainly some areas where it needs some improvement to really be competitive in a professional setting, but I think its getting there. The mobile app is also a nice touch. Very useful to be able to show my designs to others to bounce ideas off them.


The future is here!!

Solid-works who?

Being a user of Apple products, I was ecstatic when I learned that fusion would be Mac compatible! The user interface is really well done. Simple and powerful. Their free online tutorials couldn't be more helpful... the all in one CAD/CAM is great and I couldn't be more happy!

Very useful

Great app for sharing and viewing CAD.

Intuitive program

Been a solid works guy all my life, but loving Fusion now more than any other program. Very user friendly and has the capabilities to do anything 3D with the program. Only things I would love to see in the future is some isolation capabilities and the Technical drawings to improve. Other than that it's an amazing program. Check it out!

Great tool

Very helpful


I love this app

Love it so far!

I'm am just learning fusion 360 from inventor professional 2014. So far I'm loving it. Converting to 3D printing is a snap! App access while traveling is wonderful. Keep up the good work!

Lost in cadland

I have been bouncing from one cadcam package to another over the last 20 years. I have purchased, downloaded and tried about every mid level package and I believe I finally for my home! Fusion is a great toolset, enabling me to design any and all wild ideas I dream up. From the tool set, online training and web based classes, I have been able to learn and even master design. And when I am happy with the design, it is very easy to generate CNC mill, router, laser or 3D printer code to produce the dream. This toolset easily out performs/produces the previous packages (Bobcad, Turbocad) I have purchased. Most important, my primary goal is to teach our youth to design and create. Fusion has been easy for my "kids" to learn and builds. Thank you for a great product, ,


Greatest cad/cam software ever!

Great app

Bowery useful for presentations. Not for CAD on the iPad but very good for wow factor on presentations.

Great for anybody getting into cad

I've been using Fusion 360 for designing parts for 3d printing and it works amazingly well. Easy to get started and a ton of depth to get into as you learn more. Having the mobile app to share design ideas has been great!

Very happy with the program.

I have been able to use fusion 360 in a few successful designs that I have put into production.

Pretty good.

No complaints, autodesk has done a great job with Fusion and the companion app is nice for showing friends the latest projects.

Great way to show off your 3D models

Great app to share your 3D models while on the go

Helpful software

The software is the most comprehensive CAD/CAM integrated software package I've seen.

Beginners tool!

I enjoy the fact I can design on my laptop and share my ideas anywhere using the app. Awesome!

Great software

I've been a CNC Machinist for 18 years, and have had my hands in CAD/CAM for the last 5. I recently purchased my own CNC mill for my home shop/business, and Fusion 360 has proven to be a perfect fit. Easy to learn and use. I am also a member of a local makerspace and the 3D printer guys use Fusion with the same satisfaction. Thank you, Autodesk!

Love it

Fusion360 is the best !!

Great to show investors!

This is great to show investors how designs are coming along!

Works well

Looking forward to the time we can use the mobile app to do actual designs!

Great tool to show clients

Fantastic tool helps me show my ideas to the client

Powerful! Tablet app great for "demo" mode

I like how the PC software makes the creation of 3D models so rich - I have yet to really tap into many of the features and capabilities. But once you've got a model, the app is a great way to casually explore it, show it to others, and create views for sharing.

Well worth the effort of learning CAD

I knew ZERO when I started... couldn't even 3D model. Between the YouTube tutorials and TITAN from Titans of Cnc videos . I was able to learn the basics in a weeks time. I finally have the confidence to try and model parts from my imagination.

It's CAD for the rest of us.

Fusion 360 is an absolutely awesome program and it's a lot easier to learn and use.

Fusion-360 on iPad Pro

How did I live without this app on my iPad Pro prior to it's release? Fusion-360 has become absolutely indispensable in our daily operations; long gone are the days of exorbitantly high initial costs and those ever rising annual fees associated with a "high performance" CAD/CAM package! Having been previously a devout Solidworks/SolidCAM user; I can safely say that making the change was ABSOLUTELY worth it. It's no longer a matter of feeling like you've made a bit of a sacrifice in performance in an effort to reduce the financial outlay for a package that handles ones daily requirements in a CNC machining facility. Having utilized a high percentage of the "premium" CAD and CAM providers on the market, I have to say that Fusion-360 from Autodesk will EASILY go toe-to-toe with anything on the market today. It isn't just a "myth" any longer. This product truly delivers on high performance at an entry level price. I can not recommend it enough; this is simply a MUST HAVE in today's CNC machining facilities. It is incomprehensible to me that all these other CAD/CAM software companies can weather this storm much longer. I suppose their biggest piece of ammunition is the fact that Fusion-360 is "cloud based." This doesn't hold water after one experiences it though; I have found that I now actually prefer this arrangement. Run your software from anywhere, even without access to high end computing power, and even on a tablet; such as the iPad Pro. I hope that this review has been of benefit to those who've read it and were considering trying Fusion-360 out in the near future. It's a free trial, all the tutorials you could ever need, on every aspect of the software; all free of charge, right on YouTube. Thank you to Autodesk for finally setting us free from the bondage of the old high priced/high maintenance design and manufacturing software of the past!


The product is great!

Great software

Great software!!!! The ability to collaborate over the internet, and even do mark up on an iPhone or iPad on the go make this the best CAM software I've ever had the pleasure of using. It does more than I'm sure I'll ever need it too, but it's nice to know it's there if I do need it to.

Very Convenient

So easy to use and go from one computer to the next. Reviewing on mobile phone is a bonus as well. Love the software!

Excellent, just download it!!

Excellent app, Autodesk knocked it out of the park. Highly recommend the app, both desktop and pad versions.

So glad this exists

As someone who has been through more than half the certifications for Solidworks in college and has used 3 other CAD/CAM suites, Fusion 360 doesn't have everything I would like. That being said using it for personal projects, I couldn't recommend it more. Keeping all of my projects up to date across 4 computers that I use throughout the week has saved me more times than I can count and being able to show friends/ family what I am working on without dragging out the laptop is a godsend.

Would rate it 6 stars

So awesome I would rate it 6 stars if I could. Great renderings great for understanding what your building.

Great App!

New to Fusion, but finding it very useful.

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